Bespoke Business Suits, ‘Well Turned Out’

Client wearing his finished bespoke business suit

As a successful property investor being able to hold your nerve and ooze confidence is an essential part of day to day business life. So when something as simple as knowing your arm lengths are too short or your jacket doesn’t fasten neatly before going into an important meeting or presentation, can have a small but significant impact on your focus. But that is of course before Harry Johnstone experienced the Myles Anthony Platinum Service

The small but significant characteristics

Rather than relying on purely measurements to create Harry’s suit, we quickly go to work crafting an initial block. This allows us to use our experience eye to spot the small but significant characteristics that are not often visible by working off only measurements. Characteristics such as one shoulder being ever so slightly lower than the other, which if undetected could result in unnecessary creases in how the fabric falls around the body.

Achieve a superior fit

Using the block to carry out all the adjustments ‘before’ cutting any of the final fabric to be used enables us to not only reduce fitting times but achieve a superior fit that is completely unique to our clients individual body shape.

Only the finest fabrics

At Myles Anthony we pride ourselves in using only the finest fabrics. For Harry’s suits we used a luxurious Scabal navy blue 120’s wool for one and an ultra smooth navy wool from Harrison’s of Edinburgh for the other. Each suit features a simple two button fastening, refined single breasted notched labels with slimming straight cut trouser, a tailored front designed to show off Harry’s athletic physique and finished with two subtle and single piped pockets.

Along with the two bespoke business suits, Harry commissioned us to create two perfectly fitting white shirts to complete the entire look.

“I just love the fit and have to say I’ve never felt so comfortable wearing a suit.”
Harry Johnstone

‘Well Turned Out’

Now every time Harry puts on each of his ‘Well Turned Out’ bespoke business suits, he can walk into every business meeting knowing that the only thing he needs to focus on is sealing the deal.

Do you have an important event or occasion coming up? Or maybe your profession demands you to look sharp at all times. If so, we’d love the opportunity to tailor your next garment. Contact Anthony today to arrange an appointment.

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