Myles Anthony reaps the benefits of being a specialist women’s tailor

Myles Anthony bespoke tailoring

When we pay for a luxury experience, whether it is an expertly-tailored suit or a day of pampering in a five-star spa resort, we’re entitled to expect the best quality possible. Aside from this, we’re also well within our rights to expect complete transparency.

However, in the world of bespoke tailoring, everything is not always as it seems.

Big industry secret exposed

Myles Anthony has been around for a long time, and we know from first-hand experience that many tailors don’t see jobs through from start to finish.

In such cases, the customer is often dealing with two businesses without realising it. Essentially, the tailor is making profit from measuring somebody’s body, before outsourcing the actual production of the garments to another firm.

Don’t get me wrong, clothing specialists who know how to measure up and select designs that will flatter a person’s body are always in demand. That being said, the lack of transparency offered to the client is the real issue here. Some tailors make no secret of the fact they do not make the clothes themselves, which is fair enough. It’s those that claim to see a job through from start to finish that are letting themselves down.

Earning trust

In the retail world, it’s crucial that you build a reputation as a trustworthy brand. This trust can take a long time to earn and a split second to lose.

At Myles Anthony, we pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service and everything we do is relayed back to our clients. There are no secrets. In the tailoring world, it’s becoming increasingly rare to find a quality craftsperson who will deliver an entire project in as little time as possible.

Not only do we meticulously measure our clients, we also have a lengthy discussion with them in order to get a clear picture of what they want. This is a vital step, and it’s one that many tailors make a bit of a mess of. Some companies will assume they know best and will set about creating a jacket or suit that they think their client wants, which is a little bit arrogant.

While it’s imperative that tailors know their fabrics and styles, they should always seek as much input from their clients as possible. It is they who will be putting money into your account, at the end of the day.

Once we’ve completed these two steps, we set about sourcing the fabrics and hand-making the garments. We do all of this ourselves, so you could say we’re cutting out the middle man – i.e. those that take your measurements and then get somebody else to do the work.

Turning a negative into a positive

The bespoke tailoring industry can be a niche one – certainly more niche than many people give credit for.

Just because you’re a master at tailoring men’s suits, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be an expert when it comes to creating garments for women, for example. Myles Anthony is unique in that we started out as a specialist tailor for women, so we’ve built up masses of experience of measuring women’s bodies, which means we have a better understanding of what constitutes a good fit.

Some tailors that lack experience in this area are now turning to us for help. Offering a ‘white label’ women’s tailoring service for a number of men’s tailors works well for everybody. Not only is it extra business and exposure for Myles Anthony, but the partner tailor can also enhance their reputation by offering quality women’s clothing. Of course, the most important person in this process – the client – is the ultimate beneficiary, as they are getting a high-calibre piece of tailoring and they know exactly where it’s come from. There are no smoke and mirrors involved.

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