Why people are happy to pay more for British-made garments

Myles Anthony - Proud to carry the 'Made in Britain' tag

Britain was once one of the world’s manufacturing mega powers, with people from all four corners of the globe willing to pay a premium for wares that were created in the UK.

While the days of the Industrial Revolution are long gone, the desire for items that carry the ‘Made in Britain’ tag has not waned at all, it seems. At Myles Anthony, we’re proud that all of the high-quality garments that we produce and sell are created in the North West of England, and nowhere else.

We always endeavour to source the very finest fabrics from these shores too, although sometimes it’s necessary to look towards Italy – which produces some amazingly-luxurious cloth – for our materials. Nevertheless, our clients can guarantee that the bespoke jacket or suit that we have lovingly crafted for them has been made in the UK.

It’s easy to accuse people who get all misty-eyed about the prestige attached to the Made in Britain tag of living in the past, but we’ve got some statistics to show that consumers all around the world really do hold UK-made goods in the highest regard.

Paying a £2.1 billion premium

Research published by the Centre for Economics and Business Research in October 2014 showed that consumers in eight different countries would be willing to pay a collective £2.1 billion premium for products that have ‘Made in Britain’ on the label.

The study covered the US, Germany, France, Republic of Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, Qatar and China – all of which are key export markets for British businesses. It discovered that 31 per cent of people in these nations have knowingly paid extra for a British-made product, which shows that UK manufacturers are still renowned for meeting the highest possible standards.

Interestingly, the strongest demand for British fashion items comes from Qatar, where the average additional gain for products marketed as Made in Britain stood at £1.26 per transaction.

People will always pay extra for the best

At Myles Anthony, we know first-hand that people will pay extra for the best-quality goods.

If you’re buying a mass-produced piece of clothing for next to nothing, the chances of it fitting you properly and lasting a long time are extremely slim. Anthony McDonald, owner of Myles Anthony, has been in the tailoring business since 1997, and his talent and experience have earned him a reputation as one of the finest craftsmen in the North of England.

Not only does Anthony have a knack for finding the right materials and colours for each of his clients, he also has a full appreciation for what it takes to tailor garments that fit the shape of a person’s body perfectly. Whether you’re looking for business attire or country wear, it’s important that your clothes are made to measure.

While the likes of Myles Anthony continue to fly the flag for British-made goods, it’s safe to predict that the global demand for products that have been crafted on these shores will only increase further in the coming years.

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