Royal Ascot. Is Your Outfit Race Ready?

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A key social event in the British sporting calendar, Royal Ascot is well known for having some of the best racehorses in the world, but for many it is something of a fashion show for the race-goers themselves. So having purchased your tickets, you should consider this an invitation to indulge in some major retail therapy to find exactly the right outfit.

What to wear
Royal Ascot is the epitome of elegant dressing, and with this in mind there is a dress code that all race-goers need to adhere to or risk being turned away. For the Royal Enclosure formal daywear is required – modest attire that is not too revealing.

  • Skirts and dresses should fall just above the knee or longer.
  • All dresses and tops should have straps that are at least one-inch wide
  • Trouser suits are fine, as long as they are full length, both parts are a matching colour and material and any top underneath them meets the requirement set out above
  • Jackets and Pashminas are absolutely fine, but remember the sleeves of the top or dress underneath must have straps of the correct width
  • Hats must be worn. A headpiece with a solid base measuring a minimum of 10cm (4 inches), often referred to as a ‘Hatinator’, is, however, an acceptable alternative.

For the Queen Anne enclosure hats can be replaced with a fascinator, but the rest of the dress code remains the same. Although there is no formal dress code for the Windsor enclosure race-goers are encouraged to wear smart clothes, and dressing for Ladies Day certainly gives the opportunity to find that special outfit and really dress up.

What not to wear
Of course there are a few things you should never wear to Royal Ascot:

  • Tops that are off the shoulder, have spaghetti straps, halter necks or are strapless are not permitted
  • Midriffs should be covered
  • Fascinators or headpieces with a base smaller than 10cm (4 inches) are not permitted in the Royal Enclosure
  • No shorts, fancy dress and novelty or branded garments.


When it comes to men’s attire for Royal Ascot the dress code is certainly simpler. For the Royal Enclosure the dress code is classic elegant grey or black morning dress with a waistcoat and tie (no cravats), a matching top hat and black shoes. The Windsor enclosure is a little more relaxed in its requirements of a classic suit with a shirt and tie.

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