Tweed… Suits You Sir, Sean Ruane Wows Ashes in Myles Anthony Tailoring

Photo credit & copyright © Phil Brown @dudleyplatypus

The crowds at The Ashes are accustomed to being wowed by the voice of Sean Ruane, an international opera singer, but this year it was his blue tweed suit by Myles Anthony Bespoke Tailors that really stole the show.

Sean Ruane has a reputation for knowing a good suit when he sees one, so when it came time to decide which bespoke tailor he could rely on to kit him out for his performance at The Ashes this July he had to make a very careful decision.

Formerly Rosehill Tailoring, which specifically catered to women, Myles Anthony recently branched out to meet the growing demand for tweed suits for men across the U.K. When Sean Ruane selected him to create his bespoke tweed suit for The Ashes, it was Myles Anthony’s first bespoke commission for a full men’s tweed suit. It was risk, but a risk that paid off when Sean Ruane stepped out onto the cricket field to perform “Jerusalem” last week and dazzled everyone with his perfectly tailored, blue, tweed suit.

Sean Ruane felt confident that his Myles Anthony suit would not let him down and he was not wrong. For days afterwards the internet sphere was talking about Sean Ruane and his blue tweed Myles Anthony suit. Specialist cricket photographer, Philip Brown of Philip Brown Photos, was one of the many people voicing their love for Sean Ruane’s suit tweeting Ruane “great gear, you looked a million pence today” and “Blue Tweed Suits You Sir”. Sean Ruane was quick to respond declaring that Myles Anthony Bespoke Tailoring “makes me look good”.

When asked why he chose Myles Anthony to create his suit, Sean Ruane explained that it came down to two factors. Number one: Sean Ruane’s first contract had been with the Lancashire County Cricket Club at Old Trafford, where the test matches are being played this year, and he wanted to take the opportunity to champion a local bespoke tailor. As a Lancashire based tailor Myles Anthony ticked that box.

But more importantly, Sean Ruane wanted a tweed suit that fit so he could perform without worrying about whether it was sitting correctly or not. Myles Anthony quickly became the obvious choice. Known for working with only the finest British wools and tweeds and his ability to understand each client’s body shape and needs, Myles Anthony always provides his clients with garments that have that special ‘made for you’ fit; exactly what Sean Ruane wanted.

Once selected as Sean Ruane’s bespoke tailor, Myles Anthony quickly got to work on crafting a bespoke tweed suit that would meet all of his performance needs at The Ashes. Myles Anthony also held a colour session with Sean Ruane, who had previously opted for brown coloured tweed suits more often than not. At that colour session Myles Anthony suggested a blue suit would bring out the colour of his eyes and Sean Ruane decided to take his advice and underwent a style evolution that grabbed the attention of millions and made him a fashion icon at The Ashes.

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